The mighty Orla PK400 mega-accordion-keyboard

Check out the Orla PK-400. It's got everything a man or woman could ever dream of:
120 accordion-style bass keys? Check!
Freakish warped piano keys? Check!
A full set of organ drawbars? Check!
Pitch/Mod wheels? Check!
Juno-60-esque wooden end cheeks? Check!
A ludicrous number of buttons? Check!
Built-in GM soundset, with '3D Sound Enhancer'? Check!
Dude! (via Matrix)

i dont play accordion, but this thing looks like the bomb....very cool...
That's the ugliest beautiful thing I've ever seen.
whats with the accordion syth fetish on all the blogs these days?
Looks to me like the synth version of Grandma's Lowrey
it wouldnt be very close to an accordian type sound without the bellows

and i doubt accordian players want a keyboard version that weighs 800 lbs

especially when they could have this
hmm. where did you get that image for the post? after looking at the site, etc., the keys are not "freakish[ly] warped" in any way.. whoever photochopped that image obviously took the keyboard from one photo and added it to another, without any perspective correction.
take a look at the site.. looks like just a normal keyboard. kinda disappointing, actually, yet still freakishly cool.
I wish my workstation looked this cool. Well, they have the kx1000 keyboard that looks like it only has piano keys. If my workstation had all these buttons, i wouldn't need to use any menu screens. Never heard about Orla before...
image is from

That pic on the main site must be a different version, because it doesn't have the cool wooden ends, either.
did anyone else check out the audio samples from the orla page?

the electric keyboard one is DOPE! sounds like a "mike's learned his lesson" backing music from an episode of "Growing Pains". that or something really cheezy from Teen Wolf 2.

also, i dont understand is the pk400 a really synth/organ? is any of this stuff or just a bunch of chopped up photos?
Elka have made keyboards with accordion keys before. Check out the mighty Concorde X-902:
(scroll down near the bottom)

Most professional keyboard players are moving over to playing accordion nowadays. Some still want to keep some of the sounds of their old synths and samplers, so the Roland Fr-7, Orla PK400 and Moog Modular accordion were created.

Incidently, the Yamaha DX100 is quite desirable in eastern Europe, as it's tiny springy keys have the same kind of size and feel as Soyka accordion keys. It's reedy sounding FM presets are quite useable too.
OMFG!!111one11 that Elka X1000 one that site looks sweet. I want one, NOW!
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