Marimbas! Analog Synths! Tiny Japanese Children!

This is probably the best video featuring an under-age percussion ensemble since the legendary Minnetonka School Band vs DJ Shadow clip from last year. Pray silence, please, for the wonder that is: J-Marimba Ponies: "J-Marimba Ponies is a Japanese marimba ensemble group, comprised of 8 young percussionists ranging from 4 to 13 years in age. The primary objective of the group is to foster goodwill and frendship through the universal language of music. No conductors or music sheets are used by the J-Marimba Ponies.The music is memorised completely and flows out of the children's instruments through the use of their own individual rhythms and emotions." "Sabre Dance" is particularly impressive. (Thanks Ed)

Too funny. That's some bouncy Moog Bass. : )
just out of shot, large man with gun.
these clips are great. i'm not sure of the need for the dungaree/red beret outfit. cute on the little kids but disturbing on the older ones.
i think it's probably fair to say that something like this is only possible in japan...

as hinted at in previous comment, it would be nice to think the kids are enjoying it as much as it looks and not just doing it for the 'boss' and his bank balance...

if it were China, they probably would be taken from there families, until the state was done with them. since it's Japan, i doubt they are working more than 50 hours a week on it.
Wow, in 10 years they could be the most awesome jam band of all time.
yeah it's wierd and everything but I wish i could keep time. OH, oh, how i wish!
That was well needed this Monday morning...thanks!
Its possible for anyone to be really good like they are. They pratice hard each day to improve its not that their japanese that their that good. Anyone can as good as them. people need to stop with the asian stuff
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