Kate Bush, gear geek supreme

Ben writes: "Well now. Two Fairlight series IIs, some Simmons drums and a Stepp DG1 digital guitar (played by the late, great Alan Murphy I think). Who else, but Kate Bush?" Here she is, miming on 'Wogan' in 1986, doing 'Experiment IV'. Amazing to think this was broadcast at 6:30 on BBC1 to an audience of millions. And yes, that is a very young Nigel Kennedy perched on her desk.

man, i always wanted to get into kate's bush

chick was hot as hell

yeh buddy

Is a cool Kate Bush link (also youtube) and this is ST doing institutionalized on *google video*:


fuckin' A right?
shes georges daughter, right?
One problem I have with YouTube is I can't find the volume control. No such thing with YouTube videos?
An ironic retro photo of Ms Bush ( no relation to G.W.) In a recent BBC Radio 4 interview she bemoaned the rise of the role computers can now play in music. Maybe she's just changed her mind (what mind I hear you say)Kate has spent the last 12 years bringing up her child so the return to the music studio must come as a bit of a shock to her poor dear.
Sound as a weapon has arrived.
if you just now heard about LRAD then you are way WAAAYY fuckin behind
Well i guess if you're gonna lipsync with your 20k computers, might as well sit at a table and get some labcoats. Don't even bother with the mics.
everybody knows what everybody else should be doing... dont you know that??? of course you do

its all about gettin paid

"thats the way ya do it, ya play the guitar on the MTV"
How ridiculously cool is Kate's bush?

Oh shut up, someone had to say it (again, after yeti).

Yeah but no but yeah but no but yeah it's a really good clip.
Now moved to here.
KaTe is best thing ever that happened to me in music. Technology is done by engineers. She's an Artist. And she's rich enough to hire engineers ;)
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