Hip Hop producers on YouTube

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More great stuff from YouTube - this reminds me of Napster, when it felt like you could download every piece of music ever made. You can almost hear the crowd of copyright lawyers battering down the doors of YouTube HQ as we speak...
1) Great Future Music-produced clip of Pete Rock on the MPC making beats here
2) Just Blaze talks you through his studio here
3) Staged 'making a beat' thing from MTV with Kanye West talking about Portishead here
3) Kev Brown cutting up samples and making beats. this one really makes me want to buy an MPC... here
UPDATE: Thanks to GearJunkies for pointing me towards Beat Making Videos Weblog, with links to loads of similar videos, including a great Pharrell Williams one. You can skip straight to the clips by clicking here.

er is it just me or does that Kev Brown thing sound like a mess!!! the others made me wanna buy an mpc, that sure DIDNT
There's also a movie from pharell williams @ work:

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Great videos...Pete Rock is the man...Kev Brown just seemed to be having an off day - we've all been there before. The Heatmakers vid is just sad...they give all beat producers a bad name...you can tell they are focused more on the glory than the music itself...shame on them.
Did you guys listen to the very end of Kevs clip? They only ever really played a couple seconds of his final mix. He's working in his own little world while mixing. The editing was kind of crap on that.
Hey - what's that under Kev's MPC? Yes - it's a Roland SP-505! Good lord...

And the record player he's using is a Numark PT-01, which is a beltdriven portable.
Uh.... no.

bring on the glitch you can do a LOT MORE WITH AN MPC THAN THAT

hmmph... maby i should produce hip-hop. id probably at least have some money then.
I agree with the Triton comment - just because you've used all the presets doesn't mean the Triton is useless - it just means you need to learn how to take it to the next level. Perhaps buy some new sound boards - or run the Triton through an effects board for some really crazy modulation.

And if all you produce is sampled music, then you really have no place
giving such advice. No matter how long Just Blaze produces beats, he'll always be just a DJ. I bet if you took away Scott Storch's Motif and left him with just his Triton, he'd make that Triton sound like the Boston Symphony.
Next level? With a wavetable synth? Hahahahahahahahaha.

Romplers are for people who want to take their songwriting to the next level and leave the sound design to the pros.
'just a dj', boy that is the sorta phrase that has kept me from frequenting blogs and forums for the last 4 years and driven me from plenty of others. Because of course the sample just hasn't been instrumental in defining what hiphop is at all, huh? 'Just a dj' is the sort of sweeping statement that doesn't belong on MT, please people.

hot beat
just blaze is a beast with it. dope feed
some of them I used to listen hard.
but I think what I got here is the original shit. It's untouchable. copycats Don't even try it

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