eBay of the day: £250,000 Synclavier system

We've seen Synclaviers for auction in the past, but never one quite so ludicrously big as item #7388292777 which comes complete with two man-sized racks of primitive hard disk recording gear. It seems to have come from the huge auction at Whitfield Street studios last year, although the guy selling seems slightly clueless. The whole setup was worth around £250,000 new, but so far he's got no bids at £1,500. The best bit of the auction is the shot of two huge bags of tangled leads and ribbon cables. (Thanks, Ivan)

Actually the best bit of the auction is the eygptian wall paper. Sooo classy!
From a friend of a friend in the know:

"It's one of the five from the Tape Gallary in Soho - I looked into buying the whole lot but they were all completely shagged, incomplete and low spec - it's so big because it's using old components - I have more power in my PSMT road system which is 12U!!! Tell everyone to stay well clear - it'll cost around 5k to bring it up to a proper spec."

Of course, I could just be saying that in order to score it for a low price myself... ;-)
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