Wersi OAS vs Korg OASYS

On the left, the Wersi OAS German organ thingy. On the right, a Korg OASys. Snap! (via KSS Forum)

that keyboard is actally called Icarus, OAS is the name of the operating system that runs on most of their instruments and they reached V7.0 and i guess that version 1.0 was out loooong before the Oasys. The look of the Icarus is a ripoff nontheless...
So a tilt up screen = Oasys rip? Very weak. Two two keyboards couldnt look any more different, ignoring the screen of course.
A tilt up screen and 3/5 of the name!
As noted, the OAS is the "Open Art System" operating system, version 7. OASys = Open Architecture Synthesis Studio.
Don't miss the Wersi GX-1 wannabe. Take a look at the OAS-Orgein GS1000 Louvre.
Funny thing...neither of them are "OPEN" ... what a bunch of marketing hype to confuse people. Can't even run VST plugins, forget about Reason or anything else. Personally I'm offended that they think we're so stupid as to not notice.
Here here. I tried one of those OASYs keyboards the other day, and believe me, it's not worth half the hype that the Triton or Trinity had when they were new. I really thought is was going to be something like the "legacy collection" but with keys. Phooey on Korg.
the icarus CAN run vst's
The more things stay the same, the more they change.
well i worked for wersi gmbh 6 years ago we had this product then so not korg rip off.
they were the first company i know of to install touch screens on the keyboard's 15 years back.
The latest can run vst/full cubase or anything else as it has a windows button that brings up xp.
Learn everything about the Wersi OAS instruments or all other organbrands.

Look at various organ video's, organaudio files or Photoarchieves at
Wersi OAS was out long before Korg's OASYS - it's very strange that Korg name their instrument the same, just YS in addition...

Wersi Abacus on OAS 7 is more the instrument to "compare" to the OASYS, but the OASYS doesn't come even close in sound.

However, the OASYS by Korg is a synth, while the Wersi OAS instruments are arranger instruments.

VST instruments can run on Wersi OAS, so the Wersi Open Art System is truely open.

Don't forget about Wersis Scala and Louvre - the concert organs. They're really awesome!
That is not right the first Prototype of Korg Oasys came out 1994,and had a opensystem and the possibility to load new soundengines.
But it doesn't reach the market because the DSPhardware was to expensive.Read:

Maybe a little late, but I am owner of an Wersi keyboard Ikarus. Version 6 was better than Version 7 of the Open Art System. I miss the original sound of the Wersivoice Strings. At the shop they told me that the sounds has been changed to more real sounds. But I bought the keyboard for that electric sound. I want to change back to version 6 but Wersi does not support it any longer. Such a waste of money!
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