Vorga: Beautiful, expensive little synth from Sweden

This is the Minod Vorga, a new boutique analog mono synth with a built-in 8 step sequencer, an analog joystick and a funky double-peak filter. €640 (£440) is hardly cheap, but it does look fantastic - a white face in a hardwood box, a bit like a pocket-sized VCS3. I wish my DSI Evolver looked more like this... (via Matrix Synth)

"I wish my DSI Evolver looked more like this"
surely you mean
"I have a DSI Evolver!"
nah, having an evolver doesn't give you bragging rights, surely you *should have* meant: I wish my VCS3 looked less like this.. no, wait.. uhm. oh.
Did you check their website?
check the shipping! end of the page
"The VORGA will be available for shipping in Mars 2006."
Hmm... it's gonna be very difficult to get one here on earth
looks like the old oberheim modules.
It sounds REALLY good.
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