Vast drum machine built from 8 Famicoms

Jason writes from Japan to boast let me know about his incredible drum machine built from eight Famicon consoles (the Japanese NES) and one Roland 606 drum machine, all mounted in a huge flight case (this pic only shows the controller). He's recorded the whole laborious process here. He's been planning the project since the late '90s, but it all came together when he picked up the 606 in a flea market. The hardest and most expensive part of the whole project? Building the flight case. We salute you, Jason!

I think I've seen this before without the description. It's a great idea really. Not that I remember any NES games with sound test modes...
nice one really, i thought it was a joke thing until i saw the whole process
Man, you'd think with 8neses he'd do something interesting, but Xik (the guy who made the midi-nes) does some FUCKING INCREDIBLE stuff with just one nes, blows his stuff out of the water.
Ahh thoses arent NES controllers there Famicom controllers get it right!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh my god.. tears welling up in my eyes.. childhood memories. I never actually heard of the NES til we migrated to Australia. In the Philippines, it was known as the Family Computer, and everyone had those 50games-in-one cartridges. LEGAL CARTRIDGES? Never heard of em. =)
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