Spring Clean Mega Linkdump part 5

1) Here is a video from a Swedish guitar shop in 1977, where a dude in platform shoes is demonstrating the Hagstrom Patch 2000 guitar synth (powering an Oberheim SEM module). (Thanks, Jeff)
2) Dirt cheap USB Vinyl Turntable.
3) Huge timeline of electronic music from the EMF Institute. (Thanks, Fabio)
4) Ricky Gervais' 80s pop band, who were big in the Phillipines: 'Seona Dancing'. (Thanks, Bob in Iceland)
5) What does an all-valve polyphonic synth from 1937 sound like? Beautiful!
6) Fantastically weird looking Chopper modulation guitar pedal.
7) Great sound clip of Jamaican MC Eek-a-Mouse jamming with some Irish traditional musicians, while drunk in a pub and dressed as a Bavarian roofer. True!
8) Build yourself a pair of 450v electrostatic headphones.
9) 'Stairway to Heaven' as it might have sounded if it was written by Glen Miller, Holst, Mahler, Schubert etc. Here. (Thanks, Jim)
10) KeyBored: Use your MIDI keyboard to type letters in Word! Create invoices from a guitar synth! The possibilites are endless! (Thanks, Arthur)

i was born in 77 too!

"one of these days im going to cut you into little peices!!!"
Press release on the Chopper pedal thing is so off. "Baba O'Reilly" and "Won't Get Fooled Again" are different songs.

If you follow through to the website, they have a sound sample that sort of resembles WGFA and one labeled "Teenage Wasteland" (the nitwit's notion of the title of "Baba O'Reilly") which doesn't have anything particular to do with the riff or the sound. Oh joy. It might be a good pedal, but they've tilted me towards thinking otherwise. I'll just keep tweaking my Adrenalinn, thanks.
if you had both, you would have a choice

but as long as you are convinced you dont need it...

hey - what do i know?
Man, that Novachord is the most amazing thing I've heard, even more that all the Raymond Scott stuff.

I love machines that were way ahead of it's time.
How could the KeyBored people patent something that Bomes and Controlaid have been doing for ages?

im sure they are crying all the way to the bank

boo fuckin hoo
the novachord is fucking amazing.
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