Spring Clean Mega Linkdump part 4

1) Clint Black's bizarre, funny, dorktastic public service ad for Nasa: "Controlling your sound is just as important to rocket scientists as it is to musicians" QT Video. (via Everything Isn't Under Control)
2) A great interview with Jean Baudin, the dude who plays Mario on a 9 string bass.
3) Two hour video of a presentation about the history of computers and music, starring John Chowning, the guy who invented the algorithms that made the DX7 possible.
4) Pro Tools engineer called Brooklynn appears in a calendar featuring "young ladies who are not only beautiful and stylish, but can also fix your computer". Hmm... (Thanks, Joshua, I think)
5) Rozzbox v.2 boutique synth (complete with wooden end panels!)
6) Just a terrifying picture! (Thanks, Dan)
7) Dude makes CD cases from old 5.25in Floppies.
8) Dude makes really, really, tiny Yamaha CS80 here. (Thanks, Till)
9) How to build your own set of bagpipes from PVC tubing. (thanks, Chester)
10) Songs about science here (Thanks, Jon) And more here (Thanks, Fluffy)

Hate to be a nitpicker, but those old 3.5inch floppies are actually the even older 5.25 inch variety.
Ooops, sorry. I'll fix it, so you look like a weirdo...
If you're going to have songs about science then how about a song about militant vegetarianism?

"Carrot Juice is Murder" by the "Arrogant Worms":
Hooray For NMR Spectroscopy! - From the songs of scienece. if that song doesn't bring a smile to you face, than I'm afraid you're lost!
hey, Clint Black is my older over-achieving brother. that fucker! not really, but has anyone else wondered what kind of cones are in those studio monitors? are they only from the oldest trees in japan or some shit?
They look like regular old NS10s to me, but since that very well could be NASA's studio (why NASA would have a recording studio I don't know) they could be made out of some kind of super-advanced crazy stuff. This IS NASA we're talking about.
Does clint black kinda remind you of g.w. bush?

maybe it's the juxtaposition of slow talkin', cowboy hat and NASA.
Very Intersting Blog Site.
Just adding to my bookmarks and I will check it back often.

Indian Girl
"Since our president doesn't like to listen to people from New York, let me explain the space program to you Bible Fundys and Rednecks in your own language.

The space program needs money Y'all. We'd be mighty beholdin' to ya if you'd call yer congresscritter."

This has ben Clint Balck on behalf of NASA.

BTW, Neta is my fave Geek Goregeous gal... Like Annie Lennox and Nicole Kidman had a child and let he raid Dianne Keaton's wardrobe. Meow.
...I think that was a compliment. Thanks!
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