Spring Clean Mega Linkdump part 3

Wow, my inbox really was bursting at the seams...
1) The endless geeky joy of reading ancient copies of Synapse Magazine, complete with incredible advertisments. (Thanks to everyone who sent this in, but most of all Cynthia for scanning them)
2) Dude really, really likes his Liquid Channel, throws out his vintage gear.
3) Music of the aeroplane wings here. (Thanks, David)
4) Tuvan throat singer doing Joy Division's 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' here [real audio link]. (Thanks, Jonny)
5) Two great photos of composer and ARP2500 enthusiast Eliane Radigue: then and now. (Thanks, Phil)
6) Appropriate t-shirt at this stage: here (Thanks, Mikey)
7) Really excessively awesome DIY 303 clone here (Thanks, David)
8) Matthew has posted loads of useful information about music gear here. Includes how to pack synths for eBay, how to wire a studio rack, and a version of Eno's Oblique Strategies cards.
9) Chordspace interesting, involved chord-generating VST plugin.
10) FiveG is an awesome (but totally in Japanese) vintage synth shop in Harajuku. (Thanks Matthew)

TONTO was totally in Tape Op a couple of issues ago. It's housed in dude's barn.
I like these lists of links, if you can keep this up, keep it up!! those synapse's are awesome
i have every issue of synapes!
About FiveG ...

I lived in Tokyo from 2001 to 2002, and I visited FiveG regularly. It's an incredible place - a combination of classic used gear, new Doepfer/Analog Systems/etc., and a repair shop. I bought a few things there, and the big name Japanese synth players are regular customers. The service is excellent. My only regret is that I didn't buy a complete Roland System 700 and bring it back home with me >:>

Anyway, if you are a synth geek, and visit Tokyo, make a pilgrimage to FiveG.
Re: Liquid Channels: I was looking for the part in the article where it says the bloke got rid of all his vintage gear, but it doesn't say that anywhere. It's funny how that piece of gear is so universally reviled; for some reason, it's just not appealing the way a Neve 1073 or an API 550B is. On the "reality" side, the damn thing introduces latency into the recording chain; I can't imagine that I'd want my mic preamp to do that.
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