Spring Clean Mega Linkdump part 1

With NAMM on the way (no, I'm not going), I thought it was time to empty my backlog of great ideas people have sent in. More all this week...
1) A kit to convert a Speak 'n' Spell into a MIDI Drum Machine, for $49.95 Here
2) Make music from fungus here (Thanks, Jonathan)
3) Jessica Rylan is cool [.mov video] (thanks, Circuit Master)
4) Another nice music/gear blog - ten bob bit
5) Glitch is a sensibly-titled and cool new VST effect
6) Speakers made of fire (thanks, Paul)

I love your site, try to look at it at least once a week if not more. But that woman is not Cool. She reminds me of GG Allen without the shitting. Was she making music or was there voltage running through that mic? What a bunch of pretentious collage dorks that give her that rousing applause. Woo, look how awesome she is dancing around making noise! Man, I don't care how many cool gadgets she makes or uses, shit in and shit out. Please try to spotlite someone with more talent than that.
re: music from mould
Jacques & Fran now runs www.cajid.com
This is what an MFA from Bard buys...whoopde fuckin doo..
Well all things considered, I'd WAY rather watch Jessica Rylan than any of the current crop of pop divas like Jessica Simpson.

And this is pretty tame compared to some of the stuff I saw at art school. It isn't supposed to sound like the radio, you know...
She's my kinda nutjob, for sure! If you don't like her, don't worry. You'll never run into her music on the radio, or in the mall, or in an elevator. Relax. How about you stick only to "talented musicians"? They're much safer & less threatening.
You gotta be kiddin' me! COOL? Are the absurdly sensible clothes, shoes and studied 'student' chic part
and chicken dancing part of the performance?

Yeh,,ok better than Jessica Simpson of course...but we're talking about degrees...this is much wank as thats crap

the speak and spell kit looks more immediately fun..being cheap and easy to install
I just can't believe she considered passing that performance off as her college thesis! Wish I went to a bloody art school.

Her homemade synth collection is quite nice, too bad the noises she pulls from them isn't more interesting.
Jessica Rylan has got to have the worst personality and social skills of any public performer that I have ever met. (even worse than Buddy Rich)

Nice toys, shame about the music, and how she's getting recognition I wouldn't know but it seems to have something to do with all of Y'all drooling over her nerd look.

Shit in shit out sums it up.
Wow, guy geeks really hate girl geeks, don't they?
She's not a girl geek.

Just a social climber with diodes
"Wow, guy geeks really hate girl geeks, don't they?"

No. Girl geeks are not the ones wearing thick-black-rimmed "fuck me" glasses and pouting while deciding which polka-dotted dress and beret they're going to wear to tonight's Belle and Sebastian gig. Girl geeks are unpleasant, have acne, and live in chemistry labs. Guy geeks hate girl geek fakers. Natch.
i love you guys, but you're making a hell of a lot of assumptions based on the information in that one video clip... which is a strange one to choose to represent jessica's whole oeuvre/"thing." (and yes bard students are an odd lot; i played out there once during their spring break & everyone came to the show wearing garbage bags.)

the last time i saw jessica perform, she was singing through a small, suitcase synthesizer of her own design that was "played" entirely by the volume/pitch/timbral characteristics of her voice; the sounds were pretty damn incredible; subtle phase cancellations, super quiet & really detailed.

on a much more music-thing "drool factor" level, check out:


this isn't your basic latter-day post wolf-eyes circuit bending; she's builing these things from scratch. check out the modular synth that she built; it's insane. regardless of what you think of her fashion sensibility and/or persona; she's incredibly talented.
Thanks Keith. I don't know much about JR, but I hate it when I post something and a weird torrent of hate erupts from nowhere. That video clip is 3 years old, anyway...
Jessica Rylan is great! Saw her play live in London last year with Emil Beaulieau, Prurient, etc. As well as electronic stuff she sang a really nice totally acoustic acapella song!

Alas there were many technical difficulties that day. :( But I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Funny how (usually anonymous) people can get so upset about something they don't like/understand. <_<

Those who will be able to withstand it may be interested to know about the all-day noise event coming up in London in February! Info here:
maybe the guy geeks will like this better. it's masculine.

Isn't it a shame that someone wants to hide behind the "but she's a girl" defense of bad art.

Rylan builds her own modular sure but the results are poor when it comes down to quality noise. There are a lot of people who build better DIY and there are plenty who use it better live. Also Rylan has been working 5+years on the same synth, not really prolific even by Buchla standards let alone compared people like Peter B. or Tablebeast.

I think also some or these comments sound like people who have met her.

The two times I saw her perform she had endless technical difficulties too. The SNAFU's basically made it sound like she wasn't supposed to be doing anything and completly compromised her perfomrance.

Sometimes "from scratch" really isn't better instead it's just....pretentious.
I posted the whoopde doo(sic?)earlier.Groups like Pansonic did the whole homemade synth/sound explorations better,this is a case of the MFA's new clothes.Cmon, deconstruct anything and it becomes art,give it a pretentious context and viola.
John Dugan
I must say, that Rylan video really makes me appreciate the musicality and artistic integrity of guitar superdork.
What if Bigbird and Katherine Hepburn got together and made homemade synths,it's progeny will henceforth be known as...
The two times I saw her perform she had endless technical difficulties
To clarify, the technical difficulties i referred two were with the venue PA (and the sound guy's uncooperative attitude !) rather than any problem with Jessica's stuff...
why do people hate on other artist. its too subjective to criticize noise. If you're such a musical genius why don't you start your own noise project.
Just so you know:

Jessica does in fact build those things from scratch - i.e. from the DESIGN level, not just wiring together someone else's schematics. She has NOT spent 5 years making the same machine.

You can have whatever opinion you like of her music, but at least give her credit for not sounding like anyone else.

Where the hell did you get GG Allen? I see no resemblance at all between Jessica and a dead druggie rock-and-roller.
Here in Providence we have one of the healthiest noise scenes around, but Rylan's performances were lacking in comparison to what others were doing at the RISD noise festival. And yes many of those others were designers, not rebuilders or benders.
I bought a compression pedal from her over the summer and have seen her a few times live and that footage, while I think it is great, is far from the best stuff I have seen he do. Her studio stuff is great and I have incorporated some bits into theatrical performances, she is the real deal not some poser dressing a certain way. Her synths are badass, and she has always been open to conversation and critizism. - kBud
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