OpenLabs box will be an M-PC

Victor from OpenLabs writes with an update about their MiKo PC in a 37-key synth box with a crossfader, written about previously. Seems it will have (optional) MPC-style drum pads, eight of them, with knobs and scene switches. Which is nice...

Hmmm . . . 8 pads don't exactly an MPC make. Though I like the M-. . . PC. I think the big question is, is a computer more useful when it's in a different form factor -- it does all these things traditional hardware like an MPC can't, extending what they can, so if Open Labs nails some new shapes designed for music, could it be more useful in performance/studio?
The buttons are used for banking, so there are technically 24 pad settings. Changing banks happen pretty quick with the controller.

However, if you need more pads, you can always put two of these into a MiKo to have 16 of them at once.

In addition, Peter is exactly correct in saying that there may be more to come with this...Since we have control over the hardware, software, drivers and even part of Windows itself, a lot can be done.

Case in point...there is also a virtual XY pad feature for the touch screen now. You can map them to what ever you want, envoke multiple ones at the same time and resize them on the fly as you need.

On the other hand, maybe you guys can just tell me what you want and we'll make it. Then everyone is happy and I'll actually be able to get some sleep and not have to worry about product development as much. (Not Joking :-))
turntable emulation... give us platters with some sort of tactile feeback... they don't have to be full-size.
There's a setting in blogger/blogspot to not allow anonymous posts. I highly recommend you consider using that setting unless you want to see more posts like from "Northern Exposure".
Thanks, gov. silver, although I'm not sure it would be very effective against... a spammer who is not anonymous.
oh no now the spammers have A.I. !!!
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