Nice knob boxes and cheap analog sample CDs

On the subject of nice-looking MIDI knob boxes, the Reflex Audio Sonia Xi has been properly launched at NAMM. It's $135 for 12 knobs and 5 buttons. The man behind Sonia is James from Retro Thing (forgive his occasional lapses in taste). Reflex also sell the very cool HardSID - a PCI card based on the C64 SID chip, and the Analog Collection - a sample CD featuring pretty much every (mainstream) cool analog synth. It's normally $29, but you can get $20 off if you buy one before NAMM closes on Sunday night - use the code "musicthing" (lower case) in the coupon code box on the order page.

doncha hate marketing hype like "the ultimate control surface" !

what, wrong story?
Damn, I mean "way to go Thing Mafia!"
I force the Reflex marketing team to work in tiny, windowless cubicles. They get even with me by sneaking in little gems about "ultimate this and ultimate that." Will have to remember to charge them for coffee from now on.
how long did it take the japanese to stuff godzilla into his little crate, i wonder? i bet the team could get some vital data from them bitches
'tick tock' goes the ninja turtle

but that little piggy cried 'wah wah wah' all the way home

have some roast beef
great this has "knobs"! Knobs usually go on potentiometers or perhaps rotary encoders or even rotary switches. Are these just glued down knobs? or do they sit on top an encoder/pot/switch? Are they stationary, or movable? Just seems odd that they are advertised as "knobs" that could have many meanings. Even the scum at Behringer call them "32 Illuminated Rotary Encoders " I guess they are adorned with knobs.
This looked perfect for me but I couldn't find enough info on it, so i got the BCR-2000, for that reason, it's really too large, but the software works with OSX and the encoders seem pretty nice. I do despise Behringer and always try to avoid them but... i couldn't find more info on this, and I hate midi so I wanted the USB.
Anonymous: The knobs are mounted atop metal shaft potentiometers (300 degree turn) that are manufactured by CTS. The knobs themselves are soft-touch rubber over plastic with a white pointer. You can always email or pick up the phone if you have questions, y'know! - james@reflex
i was gonna buy their sample CD, but it looked like too much trouble -- it's all audio tracks on a CD vs. files ready for import to a sampler. For my 20 bucks, I demand more! :)!?!? pflttt.

I did however put in a preorder for the hardsid.
yeh you sound like a real big spender

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