Music Thing trip to Frankfurt MusikMesse

Why don't we all go to the Frankfurt MusikMesse? It's the closest thing Europe has to NAMM - a big trade show full of geeks and music gear (including many accordions, presumably) which runs from 29 March - 1 April. I'd like to organise some kind of Music Thing reader trip/event, even if it's just some beer and sausages somewhere on the Friday or Saturday night. Please post in the comments if you've ever been to MusikMesse, or Frankfurt for that matter, and have hotel tips/warnings/names of decent restaurants/suggestions of the best day to go.
Here's what I've found so far: Flights from London: Lufthansa - around £70-£100, British Airways - around £90, or KLM - around £130. Get a flight to Frankfurt International, not Frankfurt Haan, which is 90 minutes from the city. Tickets for MusikMesse are €21 per day from here. I'll contact the people and see if I can organise any kind of MT reader discount.
If you're thinking about going to MM and want to join the gang, just drop me a line.

It would be a cool trip even from the US. Unfortunately for me the job situation does not look good.
I worked for the USA subsidiary of Messe Frankfurt many moons ago in Atlanta. If you call them, I think they'll refer you to a travel agent they use exclusively, who in the past at least could get you a good deal.
hell yeah!!!!!
been there couple of times last years. always as a one day there and back again roadtrip from here, the netherlands. my thing: avoid being there on the saturday, its loaded with people then. the other days are so-called 'buisness-only', but make a buisness card and you're in...
MESSE had better be BETTER than NAMM cause Winter NAMM '06 sucked.
hahn not haan
I'm on!- Will be there anyway.

Frankfurt is very cool and with "Schneider's Büro" (Germany's equivalent to analog haven) there is also a booth dedicated to analog synths and other stuff we luv. And good parties in the evenings too... :D -
definitely worth a visit if you are digging gear.. and want to have a chat with Dieter Döpfer, Dave Smith and alikes.


MusikMesse is a great show - much larger and far more hip than NAMM.

Mr. Messe considered coming to America some time back, but felt that he would have to compete with NAMM. hah! if he ever dared make the trip, and put his show here, NAMM would be history within 5 years.

One thing: prepare to encounter smoking in the large convention halls. It's like walking through fog.
Great Idea,

Allthough I won't be travelling with your group. I'd like to meet some of you. So I'll be watchin MT towards the Messe.

Havem't decided yet on what days but I'll probabbly be there on thursday and friday, maybe even saturday

See ya there
Hans from
We will be there for two days as well
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