MIDI-control rave exoskeletons for all!

This is the GypsyMIDI motion capture MIDI controller, from Brighton startup Sonalog. One arm costs £480, both arms with wireless control cost £1240. The videos on the site are super funny, like an 'i've been to drama school' version of this previous cheapo midi glove. What is interesting is that this isn't an art project or a half-assed pitch for venture capital. This is a real product, produced by Animazoo, who produce high-end motion capture gear for animation companies. (via Ektopia)

I mean no offense really, but why does that girl look so British? Can someone really look British? I knew it before I even read the entry. I think she just reminds me of Dawn from the Office.
1,200GBP of crap! Man, you have to be rolling in it to buy this. Basically NO flexibility and you look like a tool doing it!
And - yes, the girl does look British. And - yes again, you can look British, especially when you smile!

The drum video is hilarious!
I like how they copped the site design from ableton.
"I like how they copped the site design from ableton."

I looked at the contact page to see if the designer was the same (*cough* Josh Melnick and Xander Charity *cough*), but it looks as though he isn't.
Someone whould give those poor folks a call and let them know that performers with a sense of rhythm would really make their product seem cooler. Not to be an ass, but really guys... 1-2-3-4... clap with me now...
How much does an arm and a leg cost?
Looks like a good experimantal tool for choreographers with imagination.
I have passed it on. Thanks
The guy on the right is Andy Barlow, half of Lamb (no longer) - he's been working with these guys for a while doing demos and testing
So it is!

pic of bloke from Lamb
What's funny is that despite Gizmag running their article first on the 26th (http://www.gizmag.com.au/go/5091/), and being the only site on the chain to offer more than a paragraph and a picture, you still quoted Ektopia's one paragraph write up. Good Redferret, Bad Musicthing.
Well, Reevo at Ektopia emailed me the story so I gave him a link...
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