Let's win some awards

Nominations for the 2006 Bloggies are open here until Jan 10th. Unfortunately they don't have a category for 'best blog about music gear and synths' which rules out most of the things I read, but I'd love to see some of my favourite blogs in the running. Because I don't have the hacking chops to vote for myself 500 times, I'll be nominating:
Matrix Synth - for services to research, prolific posting and gearlust
Analog Industries - for services to bad-temperedness, obscurity and coolness
Create Digital Music - for services to weird experimental art installations, literature and actually looking like a professional website...
Get Lofi - for being the only blog I can put into their new 'Best Craft Weblog' category.

I agree, Tom. Music creation has been under the radar for too long, so my votes are basically the same as yours (substituting MT for CDM, of course!) Compare, by contrast, the absurd number of graphic design / web design sites. I'm fairly certain there are more musicians than PHP coders. (I know, because I've been trying to find the latter.)

Now, which category: Entertainment? (Uh, guess not.) Technology? (We're up against Engadget?) All the blogs above were released in 2004.

Maybe vote early, vote often? ;-)
I find it silly that they seem so preoccupied with country of origin. One of the main features of Mr.Internet is that it doesn't matter where it's from, in fact lots of the weblogs I look at, I have no idea where the actual persons are unless the location is part of the URL, if I bother to look.
Apart from that, most of my faves are square pegs to the catagories' round holes as is usually the case when innovation is happening.
I suppose I could nominate overheardinnewyork.com for humour but I am too feeble.
Music Thing is unique as far as I know so there's no competition.
All the best for 2006.
Right, Tom. I voted for you in the UK and under-the-radar categories. Along with Peter, Matrix, and Retro Thing (hey, it says I can vote for myself...)
I voted for Muic thing for virtually all categories. It's yummy!
1 man 1 vote ...

mine goes to your blog
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