Korg Radias: Crazy-looking new analog-ish synth

This is the Korg Radias, a new analog-style synth from Korg. While Roland are stuck in retro hell, Korg seem to have got some crazy new product designers in. The Radias is supposedly the first spin off from the Oasys technology. It looks to me like a replacement for the long-in-the-tooth MS2000. Do you think it's a rackmount that somehow screws into that keyboard? There's also a RadiasR version which is just the rack. (via IT Review)

Holy crap that's pretty!

Great idea, too. I wonder if you could put any rack synth on that keyboard, like maybe a MicroWave XL or Supernova?

I think this ties with the Future Retro XS for coolest new NAMM thing...
Oooh that looks fun.
Price point???
looks REALLY cool...of course it probably sounds like the MS2000 and microkorg...even though its oaysis.
In the NAMM pics the module is aligned to the left with a blank platform to the right - nice place for a laptop, mouse mat or some smallish hardware piece. Nice...
What's the price?
the panel layout looks almost exactly like the ms2000. i *just* got an ms2000b. damnit.
I went to a talk by Brian Eno the other day where he revealed he has been designing a synth with Korg for the last Five Years using some kind of wacky programming interface that operates in a similar way to Photoshop Filters. I don't know if this has been mentioned anywhere before, but I thought it was quite interesting.

theres more info on it here


and is it me or does the "radias" vocoder voice sound like its saying "lazyarse"? hmmm....
$1700... for $800 they would have me thinking about about... now they are too close to real analog Moog Rack or PEK teritory.
i played it today at namm - it is pretty sweet and rich. it really reminded me a an analog synth and it's cool that you can make it flat or tilt up the the controls for the studio.
Any official news on price/release date?
$1700 is official. Release date is roughly March. I think that's a good price given that it's not just analog, it's wavetable, it's a vocoder . . . . now if I just had more cash and more space.

For a cheap analog thrill, of course, there's the new $600 Roland, but it does much less than this.

I had fun playing with it, too.

The OASYS relationship is a bit unclear . . . it's not just a "Super MS2000B", because it has the analog oscillator models from the OASYS. I ran into Dan Phillips who worked on the OASYS, but not the person at R&D who worked on RADIAS, will try to find all that out once it's released.

But enough of that! I want to hear more about this new Eno synth! (which I'm sure is NOT this or anything else shown at NAMM)

Why do I have a feeling I won't get Korg to comment on that?
its amazing. You'll love it.
Very nice ,listened to all the demos
and watched the videos on it just beats the Virus Ti price by £500 UK
But what would you go for ?
I admit I am a gear junkie in need of a 12 step program so naturally I love the look of the new Radius.
the sounds and demos are Impressive (I even prefer the sound over the VirusTI if you can believe that)...all the NAMM Videos I get on Google sure impressed me. the design is new and different but does anybody else get the feeling that the "Synth" has pretty much been taken the every possible level and now its all about Putting On the Make-up?
its really up to your ears and fingers. Its THOSE 12 things that have to be upgraded now and then. and they will make ALL the difference no matter how cool or crappy your gear is.
I've made a couple of demo videos of the Radias, and took some pictures.

Here's the link:


It's a nice walk through the presets, since i'm still learning the use of the machine.
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