Jay Wasco plays bass and keytar. Together!

Jay writes to seek publicity for his musical endeavours, catalogued at Jay's Museum ("Not so slick, or easy to navigate"). He's invented two great instruments. The Swiss Army Bass is a bass, which he plays one handed, slightly like Bill Clements. He uses the other hand to play big chords on a Yamaha KX5 (as used by Belinda Bedekovic), to great effect - as can be seen in these videos. His other innovation is the Egotar, which is another one-hand bass, this time paired with a slide guitar, which is also very cool.

wow, mcrorie meets geddy lee.
This guy is really f-in good.
I really dig the Egotar. And he's quite good with it. I wonder how he keeps this thing from screeching like hell with the slide going over all 6 strings at the same time...
I could sit and dig something like this at some pub. Could see this at Planet Holywood, eating dinner outside or something. Not really into cover song/singers, but this would be quite a cool beer pub show, and for once, it actually sounds soulful, and damned good. The instrument is a cool gimmick, even if it is played well. Thumbs up. 9.5 stars.
He dosn't just do covers on them there things

really great playing
The covers Jay does are just the tip of the iceberg. Not to discount the incredible arrangements that jay has conceived for the likes of "Rocketman", "Heart of Gold" and "I Am The Walrus", his original compositions are INCREDIBLE. You'd be missing the whole point to equate this man's talent as something as a novelty act like McRorie.
I dig what Jay is doing.But "frank.n.furter"is missing the point of what I am doing as a solo performer.The instrumentation I perform on does not have pre-recorded drums parts or other tracks playing.If you listen carefully to the music of Jay there are other instuments accompanying his instrument and voice.This is not a criticism of Jay but simply to make clear to "frank.n.furter" that my concept of performing all the parts live cannot really be compared to Jay.These are two different musical instrument concepts.My instrumention is simply a way to perform as a solo musician live.It is impossible to sound as full as a pre recorded band,but that was my choice and it is different but not "novel".McRorie.
that's ALL live except for a drum program-- not that it really matters that much

I did post another yesterday that has background vocs but there ARE no other instruments on any of these vids--you dig??

Jay Wasco
Jay ,I started out playing drums in bands and only a guitar player would believe that it doesn't "really matter much"that the drums are pre-recorded.McRorie-One Man Live
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