The Hall of Moogs

Just because it's Tuesday and this picture makes me smile. (via Analog Industries via Dougt)

There's definitely magic radiating off those cases...
man i wish i had money......
"man i wish i had money......"

Me too... :-(
YUMMY! I also see two Rolands and a Korg, so why no Obeheims? Fortunately, I can see program and play an Obie M6 any time I want to :)
how many hands does the guy have?
Photos like this don't make me smile, they make me cry...WAAHHH!
Man you should see the rest of his living room! Its full of rare super nice synths. I bought a Drum Tracks from him last year and shit my pants when I went inside his house, and saw the treasure room! Racks of gear all across the walls. I have never seen that many analog synths in one place in my life! It was pure heaven.
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