Guitars with five necks

Axel writes: "I just found this picture, no story.". So I did a bit of research and found that aside from this obvious Photoshop job, there are at least three real five-neck guitars, all of them made by Hamer for Rick Nielsen from Cheap Trick. So now we know. More. If you want three necks, you'll have to look here.
UPDATE: Ned writes: That is one of the three guitars made for Rick Neilson. The gal holding it is Kaia from The Butchies. They played a show with Cheap Trick in 2004, which is where the photo was taken... see here for all the details. Thanks Ned!

wow ,, never knew these type of guitar even existed , wish gibson made one of these guitars .
I saw Cheap Trick last year, here's a (blurry) photo of Rick with possibly the same guitar.
A band I was in supported Cheap Trick a couple of years ago, and one of the roadies told me that only the top two necks have been tuned in the last 8 years; Rick only ever playing the top two necks of the guitar (the twelve and first six string neck).
yeesh. looks like the bottom one's fretless.
this is so impossibly stupid. it's like sticking a duck up your bum.
seriously i think it would be considered 4 necks since the fifth neck is useless since it's fretless. and also i think it would be almost impossible to play this guitar
just because you can't play something doesn't make it unplayable.

but yeah, it's stupid. that's the whole point.
That it's fretless shouldn't disqualify it. That it can't be reached by the player should
That it's fretless shouldn't disqualify it. That it can't be reached by the player should
For the record, here's how the necks are set up:

1: 12-string with 2 humbuckers
2: 6 string with 2 humbuckers
3: 6 string with 2 humbuckers and a Floyd Rose tremolo
4: 6 string set up like a Tele: 25 1/2" scale, two single coils
5: 6 string fretless with 2 humbuckers
I don't think anything about this guitar is stupid. I am a guitar collector and player. I have double necks and even a triple neck and I'll tell you that no guitar made is pointless. Sure it is impossible for any player to play on all five of those necks but that's not the point. In rock and roll every guitarist has to do something original and new and rick nielson has got my vote. This guitar is great and if I could, I would buy one and use it live too. It's all about the show and freaking people out.
Nothing unplayable about fretless:
I don't know what to say... you people are all crazy. First off, Rick Nielsen DOES play that guitar. And all five necks have been tuned at every show he takes it to. Rick has been playing all five necks of that guitar since Woke Up With A Monster came out. You can see more shots of it, before and after Rick's trademark Checkerboard reskin at the Hamer website. He uses the fifth neck for slides, primarily, the fourth is tuned for power-chords, the third has a whammy, the second has no whammy, and the first is a twelve string.

You can see him playing it (all five necks throughout one song) in multiple videos on the net.

I liked the 5-neck better when it was flame-orange.

And Rick Nielsen is a god.
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