Great Casio VL-Tone ad from 1981

Dan writes: "Here is an advertisement I found in a magazine from June 1981. Sharper Image sold the VL Tone for $69.95." Got to love the nasty brown plastic and little square buttons with everything. Click the image for a bigger shot.

Freakin' hilarous that the VL-1 was intended for business use. its just such a toy. a toy with fantastic "ticky" little beats!

i love my vl-1 got it for $16 off of Ebay.
I still have mine - it was my first ever keyboard in about, er, 1983...

My favourite sound was 71103848. Or was that 7120...

The memory key feature is still a great feature that alll major sequencers have missed having imho
Anything with a 7 rocked the house. I threw mine away (dated back to around 1981 / 82) just a couple of years ago. Tsk. How stupid.
I bought a VLtone a couple of days ago for £3.50. I swear it knocks 25 years off you while you are playing it.
"The memory key feature is still a great feature that alll major sequencers have missed having imho"

that's why I love NoteQueue:
re: the memory key feature - the sequencer part of Roland's HPD-15 "handsonic" percussion controller has this feature too.
quite useful.

well the first time a bought this instrument was in a garage sale for 5$ i use it alot in making my weird electro glitch music and when i get a other one i will circuit bend it till it dies out.
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can someone explain what makes the venerable Casio Memory Key so useful?
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