Faderfox controllers v.2: Now even sexier (and white)

Faderfox, who make great little MIDI controllers for Ableton Live and Traktor, have just redesigned their range, with white (or maybe silver...) faces and loads of LEDs, giving them a whiff of the Buchla 200e (like this module), which can only be a good thing. No word yet on prices, but the previous generation were around £180 each. (via Moogulator Maschinensound Blog)

shame it's midi and not usb, makes it precisely half a kilo and three cables less portable.

consequently, i intend to buy this excellent item instead:


Orite Rock DJ mp3 player WITH 512 MB MEMORY

"Music let the world colorful. But what kind of music can let you scream and shout loudly , Let you follow to wave all over? Only the rock music is too!

COME ON~BABY! 2005, a multi-functional MP3 player Rock DJ is coming ! Which collect Voice Recorder / MP3 Player / Card Reader in one suit.

Rock DJ supports MP3 music and WMA Format, and 4 Type of EQ Band, collocate several recording function , let you feel high from day to night, happiness reaches the daybreak!

Rock DJ MP3 makes people admire on stylish appearance! metal style and graceful body types, In addition, the operating key that adopt the extremely simple style, the whole feel is first-class!

Rock DJ can support MP3 , SD of card , Connect with computer USB interface for USB play which let Rock DJbecome one has no capacity to limit the high-quality type!

" No Music, No Life " , Rock DJ says: Let ' s Rock tonight!"

that's the weirdest product write up ever. that has to be a bad translation. you should send it to engrish.com

are there any USB or Firewire controllers for live?
i'm using one of the old faderfox dj-controllers. the newsones aren't a real improvement. some new layouts, yes, the buchla-like neat surfaces, but still the damned old not very useful boxes, still no usb-option, still the bad-quality- knobs and faders. mr faderfuchs, we have 2006, and you can be lucky, that behringers dj-controller isn't out yet. it costs less and you get more, including usb and a soundinterface. faderfox needs some REAL improvements ...
ignorance and more ignorance. the faderfox controllers are the best! read and see what's happening around the world not just in your corner store! who needs a usb anyway?
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