eBay of the Day: Beautiful wooden Ondioline from 1940s

eBay item #7386464853 is a fantastic-looking Ondioline - the French-made early synthesizer. It was powered by valves, with switches to modify the sound, a knee pedal to control volume and a strange touch wire system. This one isn't working 100%, but it does look incredible. Bidding is currently at €400 with five days to go. More on the Ondioline at 120 Years. (via Squeezytunes, a wonderful new blog about elderly electromechanical keyboard instruments)

That thing is awesome! I love the little slider-like things on the side.
...but what does it sound like? Any links to MP3s, anyone?
well, apparently it was used on Del Shannon's song "runaway" which you can hear on i-tunes....i tried listening in on it and couldn't place it unless it was the bass hits or something. I really need to meet Scarlett Johansson!!!!!
Uh uh... The instrument used on "Runaway" was a Clavioline that had been heavily modified by keyboard player Max Crook. It plays the main riff of the song. See maxcrook.com under "Musitron".
I've just put a link to an MP3 of an original demo record on Squeezytunes.
I think it sounds great - quite a surprise !
Probably the most popular songs featuring an ondioline are More - Theme from Mondo Cane & I'll Set My Love to Music"- Theme from Mondo Cane #2, both from the early 60's by Kai Winding. Both are really uptempo. Both song feature the ondioline as the dominant instrument.. If you want to hear the range of the ondioline listen to these 2.
also the legendary "White Godess" by Frank Hunter on Youtube (after the first minute with the abstract voice of Marnie Nixon)
"White Godess" by Frank Hunter on youtube (Ondioline can be heard after one minute, after the abstract voice of Marnie Nixon). Exotica at its best ...
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