Dude! We've totally got Krappy Guitars!

Give him $75, and Kevin Siebold will build you a Punk Rod guitar with two strings and hand-wound pickups. The two strings are tuned a fifth apart, for ease of playing. "Our instruments are built for frugal people who aren't very concerned with regard to quality, construction, materials, or safety." $75 gets you a basic model (Les Paul, SG, Flying V, Explorer etc). "More complex models such as the Swiss Army Rod have a $25.00 upcharge for additional intricacy. For example, the Swiss Army model has special attachments. These allow the user to activate a swing out beer holder and ashtray." He's also invented the Flipitar - guitar on one side, bass on the other. (via Guitarz Blog)

What the Hell??? The frets are "backwards" here... is that reverse-logarithmic... They start out with large spacing at the nut, and get closer together at the body. I'll be they're more art than tool.

This is the best thing ever. No question.
That must mean my guitar is also 'reverse-logarithmic.' Along with every other guitar I have ever seen

Yeah... I'm not sure what point Chris is trying to make. The way he describes it sounds perfectly correct to me.
these are superb! Love the idea.
ANd yeah... I can't even play the guitar, but I'm at least aware of what the frets should look like! And I wouldn't dare criticise any guitar design online for fear of looking as foolish as Chris does now! ^_^

Especially strange coming from someone who's selling bass guitars on his site!?!? Unless someone's posting in his name/url to discredit him!? Or he's gone insane.

Either way, I wanna make junk guitars now!!!
Actually, my family hosts a bluegrass festival every summer, I work at a sound stage, and my best friend plays guitar... So I guess you could say I have seen a few in my day, and those frets are fine...
Actually, The Presidents Of The United States of America (of "Lump" and "Peaches" fame) used to play reduced string guitars. I once heard a radio interview with them where a caller asked how he could learn to play guitar and Chris Ballew responded "you should start off by ripping a bunch of strings off because it's, like, way easier".
consider me a guitar noob, but do you need an amp to play the "punk rods"?
Okay, I've got my head screwed on straight now! for some reason my brain flipped the nut and body ends...must've been a Friday!


This guy taught me how to play bass! He teaches in a local music store... good to see him getting some credit. he rocks.
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