Cool new music gear blog, (plus monster truck)

Digital Music Mag is another new music blog. It's only been going a couple of days, but they've already got two stories that I'd like to steal. Above is a $159,000 mobile recording truck complete with SSL desk, which has just appeared on eBay (9 days to go!).
Also, here is a funny story about the German magazine Keyboard, which last month printed a screengrab which revealed they were using a cracked version of the Ohmboyz plugin. The editor has apologised and blamed that his picture desk for grabbing the image from the Internet. That would be a reasonable excuse... except quick searches in Google images and Yahoo images turn up plenty of legit screengrabs, plenty of demo screengrabs, at least one ArCTiC warez screengrab, but nothing with the same "Team ArCTiC" logo in the corner as the one they printed. Busted!
Thanks, Digital Music Mag.

As you would like to steal that article, I would like to steal that truck !
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