Cheap new keyboards feature bells, whistles

CME, who make big, ugly and fantastically cheap MIDI keyboards, have just announced a load of new stuff. The VX Intelligent Keyboards have motorised faders, drum pads, a ribbon controller and audio in/out, all wrapped in exceptionally red aluminium. The Bitstream 3X is a midi controller with 8 sliders and 35 knobs. And G-Fire claims to be a firewire interface which will fit inside and guitar - although the pictures don't make much sense.

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Hey, has anyone here bought any CME stuff yet? I've been considering for awhile, but I just can't bring myself to give them my money yet.
Tony Sonic in my band uses a CME controller, He has the UF5 Omnipotent Master Keyboard, uses it with a TR-Rack IIRC.

It's given him less headaches than my Roland RD-500 has given me.
Yamaha is apparently going to be distributing CME gear in the USA.
my friend bought the UF8 for 600 at Sam Ash and he really loves it. it's really solid and has good piano action, and I personally think it's cosmetically pretty, especiallly if you needed a big controller for live rock performance
Yes, Yamaha will be distro'ing these in the U.S. I have a few pics of them here:
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