Big, awesome-looking looper from Electro Harmonix

Hidden inside Brandon's collection of NAMM photos is this - a new and fantastically cool and complicated looking four-track looper pedal from Electro Harmonix, which can store your loops on CF card and pan four of them across stereo. Price is $698 + $186 for a foot controller, both available late feb, according to this post at AH. Great if you love loops.

Compact Flash, not SD. The clue is the labelling on the RHS of the pedal which reads 'CF Card'.

The new 'HOG' pedal looks good too, a massively enhanced version of the EHX POG.
them are some sick looking pedals. there is no way i won't be better if i don't get them.
Very impressive EH box! Tom, have to hand it to you, completely missed this one . . . though I found being in Anaheim left me in a total haze.

And yeah, like the rationalization on the last post. That's my kind of thinking! :-)
it sort of looks like it is a microsynth combined with a pog. i see some microsynth-looking controls, anyway. did anyone get a listen?
I'm not sure how anything in my gallery is anymore hidden than anything else... ;0)

Also, by far the best pedal I saw at the show (and got a picture of) was the new Damage Control stereo parametric delay...

Times ranging from very short flanges to 2.5 second loops, reverse delay mode, tube stages at actual high voltage pre-delay and post-delay for warming it up, modulation lfo, midi sync (!!!), tap tempo, filter in the feedback loop, and a "smear" control that sounds like some reverby early reflection thing to space out the feedback iterations in a very ambient kind of way. $399, so they say.
oh, i was talking about the hog earlier when i mentioned the microsynth. that could be confusing.
I've heard that the 2880 implements Feedback in a rather unconventional manner, though. You can only use it on the tracks that you're actively overdubbing. So, if I understand correctly, you can't get the individual tracks to slowly fade on their own unless they're armed and accepting new input on top of them.

Kinda weird and somewhat limiting. Hopefully they can correct that with a software update later.
for this price you could buy a computer and delay software...
I love hardware but these prices are hilarious.
definatley a little too "boutiquey" even for EH. but it looks so effing cool. is it supposed to be used on the floor? the buttons don't look so tough.
oh, duh, there's a seperate foot controller, but why does the damn foot controller need to cost so much?!
Ya know what?

Maybe y'all are getting spoiler by Behringer style/cost gear.

I see post after post of ppl complaining of the lack of innovation in gear; Roland can't think of anything new, Korg is just repackaging the MS2000, etc. etc; there are tons of soft synths that attempt to be synthesizers that ALREADY EXIST, for god's sake. But then, when something new DOES come out, there's just bitching about how expensive it is. People complain almost as much that everything is made in China. So, when an innovative, non-China made product comes along, rather than get excited, you complain about the price?

C'mon people, you can't have everything. I don't think that $700 for a semi-unique product is too much, especially since it will probably street closer to $500 based on other EH prices/products.

getting spoiler? not wanting to pay plus six hundred dollars for a reivented (and very cool looking) wheel is hardly what i would call spoiled. that is expensive my friend and not really unique at all. let me just shell out 2500 for a new mac while i am at it. most of us are PO and have substance dependencies to support first (kidding).
i cant imagine paying 700$ for something like this

but there is a sucker born every minute... actually these days its probably more like every second

at least EH is a really good quality company so you should be able to trust the gear if you do choose to buy it...

its just not my thing tho... therefore this sucker will spend his cash elsewhere
i'm not saying that i'm not a fan of innovation, just that i'm not a fan of overpricing goods. lets see, for the what was it...$795 it costs to get the controller and box, lets say $150 is parts.
Now, not being made in china(and we do not yet know where this is manufactured) means the workers get paid a living wage. Even so, those workers could work on each of these for nearly a full work week, make a living and make a profit.
I smell a rat. The margin on this must be about $350-500.(%50-80!!) Thats enormous, and its unacceptable to me as a consumer.
And the 100's of these units that will sell weekly will just go into those greedy bastards pockets....

id be pissed too1
Sorry, but I can't help but find the previous comment short-sighted. The cost of a product isn't just the box and the guts in it, it's the time spent desiging/engineering/testing/revamping that you're buying as well, and, you're also assumedly helping fund future products. Also to be considered is the enjoyment you'll get from the product.

To continue your line of thinking:

1. Soft synths should be practically free; it's just the cost of a cardboard box and a CD,

2. Music CDs should be free for the same reason,

3. There is no electronic product you can purchase that IS a good deal, because they charge way more than the components cost.

Perhaps consumers are equally "greedy bastards" for wanting everything to be so inexpensive.

Very impressive!
With sales tax, in my state of the USA this item sells for $972 with the foot controller.
Thats a lot of R&D dollars for developing a digital guess is that about 75% of that price goes to what you call development, and what I call "profit."
""With sales tax, in my state of the USA this item sells for $972 with the foot controller."

I wonder what state you're in, as this product apparently isn't available until sometime in Feb/ March; however, for all I know it is available, and your local store is ungenerous w/the discounts.

I'd just like to point out that the list on the Bi-Filter was $990 in 2004; they street for less that half of that. The list for the 16 second digital delay (according to Analog Man) is is $750; he sells them for $365 (again, less than half). If the same holds true for this product, then you'll be able to get the pedal AND the looper for around $500. That really doesn't seem that unreasonable to me.

I don't work for EH or any other music product company, but I do think that if you don't support companies that attempt to make cool gear for decent prices, you'll be left with nothing but poor quality, boring products. That's all.

"but I do think that if you don't support companies that attempt to make cool gear for decent prices, you'll be left with nothing but poor quality, boring products"
- honestly, do you think this is a decent price? Never mind the build quality/looks etc, as far as you know about the features; would you be inclined to pay 800$ for it? Now, something like the Looperlative looper, which is also out soon costs 1200$ I think - and THAT I can relate to, because at least that appears to have been thought over, it's the most advanced hardware looper out there! It does 8 stereo tracks simultaneously, and it'll walk all over a big stack of EH loopers§
Judging from the MSRP price, EH is competing against the Gibson Echoplex Digital Pro, which has been the Gold Standard of loopers for ages. Too long, probably.

The Looperlative just might eat both EH's and Gibson's lunch but if the Looperlative is badly designed, it will go the way of the Electric Repeater.
Sorry, that was "Electrix Repeater".

The Looperlative looks _very_ good. There's a better summary of it at:

I want one. I think that by comparison, the EH 2880 rilly sux. Which means that it will be coming to soon. ;-)

Video Demo of the Looperlative LP1 at:

I'm guessing some people here have never had a job: Software should be free because the packaging doesn't cost much?- Write program and get back to us. These workers could take a week to build one and still make a good living?- Move to China and solder some electronics and get back to us. In fact, just take an economincs class or something. Better yet, take your $150- build a looper with all of these features, and offer it up for a "reasonable" price to us here.
'the hand is the medium of the heart and the mind'
F. Lang
I see this many places online for as little as $408.00.
You all should do some gardening instead of wasting time calculating list price scenarios.
I bought the 2880 for a street price of 469.00$ from a local Austin retailer. There are some limitations but I enjoy using it and don't feel it is overpriced. It seems to be geared toward live electronic performers rather than guitarists but would work for both. It's strong point is the mixer faders allowing you to bring parts in and out with ease in a dubwise fashion. The ability to turn midi sync on and off at the touch of a button comes in very handy as well.
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