Atari's excellent forgotten music gear

This is the Atari Hotz Box, designed by Jimmy Hotz. If you're thinking he sounds like some crazy '80s dude with terrible hair, who used to hang out with Fleetwood Mac, Chicago, Yes and Kim Basinger, then you're right right right. The Hotz Box was a big box (about the size of a 5 octave keyboard) covered in touch pads which triggered sequences and arpeggios from an Atari computer, or could be played like a normal keyboard. It looks awesome, and the software seems fantastically elaborate. Best of all, it's got a huge Atari logo on the back. I want one! There's a lengthy retro review here.

i've always had a boner for that thing. my colortone for the sx-64 is a poor substitute.
That would rate 50% without the logo, 98% with! Instant cred.
I really love Jimmy Hotz.

He's this kooky futurist with total metal hair, and wide open shirt. His look is very metal and early prog rock like, and I find it great he's not changed it much.

So, by looking at him, if you were me, you'd say 'ummm...', but then you check out his inventions and find that they're really cool.

If you listen to his music, it's funny in a way, but also cool. Not my kind of music, but it's great in an over-the-top dungeons and dragons sort of way. All my friends smile when we listen to it.

So after this invention (perhaps we can call it early Karma), he did 3D Zuma stuff, and some 'mystic hotz encryption'.

I wish he'd update his web site more. He's so wacky and zany that he could develop quite a large fan base.

Sort of like William Shatner.

Jimmy Hotz is the the William Shatner of prog rock inventors.
dood - this made my day. actually, it made my life, since i now have a new idol. this man is a GOD.
Billy Galaxy a toy store in Portland Oregon used to have stacks of these...
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