All your gearporn are belong to us

This thread by 'bieke' on Harmony Central's guitar effects forum is possibly the greatest repository of gearporn you will ever see. There's page after page of weird home-built stuff, vast Zimmer-esque rooms of modular synths and unexplained images like the one above. (Yes, Photoshop...)

Excellent - one of my pics made it on that thread! :D
Some music lovers really like it hardcore, eh?
That link is 100% unreasonable. My god.
I think hans zimmer has a problem...
I can't believe you busted out the all your base are belong to us thing, that's so 1999....(kidding)he he
boob mog: Am I not allowed to use my site as my nickname even if I make a proper comment? Jeez.
are you sure that jack is photoshopped? I have seen quite similar jacks (with different proportions) used for electric insruments with a separate out from each string. this is sometimes used to mix each string separately, but more usually for midi conversion.
thanks for the kind words everybody ! the thread is still growing, in fact, I'm about to add some really cool pics of the synths of long forgotten belgian synth pioneers, nearly all their beautiful machines have been scrapped, 2 of their synths may have survived and are in storage in the basement of the belgian musical instrument museum ...
well, enjoy.
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