Thank you and goodnight, 2005

Thanks to you, Music Thing reader, for a great year. In January 2005, the site was visited less than 40,000 times. In November, it was just over 210,000 (December was a little slower...) I hope you come back next year, and a special thanks to everyone who sent ideas. They're all in the queue...

Happy New Year Tom! Thanks for the support and the inspiration, and I hope next year is even better than last.


Your site has given me many an enjoyable moment, a few laughs, welcome diversions while slaving in my spacious cubcile, and yes, plenty o' gear lust.
Best to you and MT readers in the New Year!
Yours is one of the cream of the crop music tech sites on the web. All the best in '06
Nice one, and thanks for all the links! ;)
Oh, the traffic drop in December is just seasonal due to the holidays. You'll always see the drop around Thanksgiving and through the begining of January. All us slackers at work taking holiday time off. ; )
Happy New Year! Your site is the first thing I go to in the morning...There is usually something to start the day of with a bit of a smile!
Thanks for all your hard work,
Hans Z.
(Oh, I love that you love Kevin's picture of the old sequencer wing of my Moog! Kevin is without doubt the best! ...and so is that old beast...)
Happy new year to you as well. I hope that your site is as awesome this year as last year.
happy new year.

I've realised I don't seem to check out harmony-central, sonicstate and em411 anymore. and a lot of it is your fault! (and createdigitalmusic, is too blame too)


keep posting, it's great fun.
I just discovered your site/ blog looking for DIY synth projects and I am really enjoying it. Your sense of humour is refreshing compared to other synth sites. I love the design as well.
Have a great 2006!
Great site, Tom. One of my few "must check every day" sites.
Tom, thanks to you and your readers for a great year! This site has been the first thing i look at in the mornings and the yardstick by which I measure other sites. It has consistently made me happy and sometimes in the worst parts of my year was the only thing that could do just that. I find that your readers are also fascinating, well-informed, and generally speaking---the kind of people I'd like to meet! Wonderful site and here's to another great year....!
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