Terry Brown was the Slow Tape Guy

Take ten minutes to watch this wonderful video (via Get LoFi) of a Terry Brown, an eccentric geek from Denton, Texas, playing tapes really really slowly through a homemade PA system on his porch. There's very little information about Terry with the video, on the interwebs, or in newspaper cuttngs, which is a shame in itself. I think that Make Synths Not War should start selling t-shirts bearing Terry's immortal words: "We're not going to need a tweeter for what we're doing today"
UPDATE: Ben wisely writes: "Is it me or does the slow tape deck guy bear a striking resemblance in manner to J.F. Sebastian, the inventor guy from Blade Runner?"

If you like laughing at/with eccentric musician oddballs, you must see "Driver 23" the story of Dan Cleveland and his band Dark Horse.

To see him build a ramp and pulley system to lift his gear up the basement steps, rather than carrying it up like any sane person would, is utterly riveting.

Truly a mad genius.
It used to be much easier with a turntable to just rotate the LP with your finger. Of couse this system is much better if you want continuous timewarp. I guess a C90 would last for about a week.
that'll be a C10K80 then :)
actually, he bears quite a resemblence to Dustin Hoffman.
I used to live in Denton. It is a great place. I am pretty sure the guy holding my camera was my neighbor.
Wow, this is inspirational. It reminds that I've totally allowed myself to be lost in bullshit over the years. This guy is making slow playing tape decks and has wires and shit all over the place doing whatever the hell he feels like! So in his own brain... Nice.
r.i.p. dj screw
Strangely moving.
Terry Brown deceased around 11 years ago. The house he filmed at was my dad's rent house. He had like a million cats(at least 30). After he died I moved into the house. It took me 4 months to clear out all of the junk he had accumulated. I couldn't even find my back yard for brush that had overgrown and it is a big double lot. Several months later I found another dumpster full of stuff in my attic. It took me 8 years to get rid of all of the cats. A very strange man.
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