Nixie Tube Amp Clock: So near, yet so far

Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, this is the Hughes & Kettner tube clock. It's a nice idea - a tube-amp inspired clock stuffed with real nixie display tubes, mounted in a tolex case. Unfortunately, the designer at H&K decided to add a layer of engraved perspex, and backlit the whole thing in baby blue neon. It looks like the specials board from a yuppie wine bar that went bankrupt in 1987. For a real Nixie clock, try Resonant Instruments. (via Harmony Central)

70s-Watches in the UK also sell Nixie clocks.
Althought the H&K logo is bright and obscuring in the photo, the controls clearly show brightness controls for both the panel, and the tubes.

So the logo can be turned down in practice.. I guess.
More nixie stuff:

and some history + hardcore technical info on the nixie tube:
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