eBay of the day: Freakish one-off guitar synth

eBay item #7373643779 is covered in "mad person" warning signs. The description is written in block capitals, underlined, in italics, in green. Here's what it says: “This guitar has no strings or frets but little buttons to replace them and a synthesizer in the base to change the sound to anything you want." Apparently it was built in 1970 and is the only one in the world. No bids yet at $5,000 (Thanks, Monster Movie)

Isn't that a Minikorg 700s inside that thing?

The controls look familiar, and I'm sure I recognise the circuit boards on the Ebay auctions pictures.
Definately looks like the guts and controls from a Minikorg... attached to the backrest and seat of an old dining room chair.
from the same seller, you can also get a weaving loom and save on shipping. maybe weave a crazy ass strap for that thing.
Nice neck! (Sarcasm)

That thing must be near unplayable.
Anyone up for being electrocuted?
So I'm going down to the pat. off. to reg. this comp. new, diff., kinda thing.

As for sounding like Hendrix, I'd prefer Johnny Cash, or Chet baker, hendrix was always kinda mumbly. :)
I like the implicit assumption that anyone can learn to sound like Hendrix on non-guitar objects as long as they're roughly guitar-shaped. Maybe he can help me sell this roughly guitar-shaped potato.
Thought they wouldve made 6 rows of buttons rather than 5,but than again i guess there are those who like playing with 1 broken string..
Hey maybe I can patent a 6 string one !!!!
How can you sound like Hendrix without a whammy bar?!? :)
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