eBay of the day: Every giant modular in the world

Thanks to everyone (Spanish Harlem, Marc, Ezeh from Uruguay...) who sent me links to this incredible eBay auction - a huge archive of vintage modular synths and other sexy dusty gear. There's been some discussion on Analogue Heaven about who the seller might be, although they didn't get further than him being a nice guy, possibly called Ed. A full week left on the sale, so you've got plenty of time to save the $24k opening price for the ARP2500...

it sounds like it´s all from a big big studio that is closing or something like that. I also foun the rack version of the TR-808 very interesting.
btw, it´s 'Uruguay' :)

(yeah i´m ezeh)
who do yall suppose this guy is? i mean 18 100m's....thats like zimmer's kit.
Edwin Samayoa
He's still a ways off from Zimmer's 100m.
Zimmer has 130 modules and it's integrated far nicer as a usable system than these units.
Zimmers has 9 sequencers also.
There's one legendary EM studio closing at the moment; the famous studio of Conny Plank, producer of Kraftwer, Can, Cluster and more. See more at http://www.intuitivemusic.com/content/view/1343/27/

Ebay has revolutionised the attitude of millions to buying on line. Yet, perhaps not surprisingly, the vast majority of material online is all about selling. Not surprising because that is where the money is made.

In my own little way I am trying to redress the balance. Please take a look at my ebay buying blog ebay auctions and let me know what you think
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