Da Vinci Code themed guitar looks evil, surprised

UVA Instruments are asking $10,000 for "The darkest and most daring guitar ever made...", named after some dude from the Da Vinci Code. The Baphomet is a bat-shaped monstrosity with 150 pieces of hand-cut inlay and EMG pickups. On the website, they ask "Why It Is This Guitar So Great? First of all, you cannot describe the sound of Baphomet anything other than pure evil." I particularly like this shot, which I assume shows the guitar being injected with the blood of virgins during manufacturing. I guess now Dan Brown has something to spend his millions on. (Thanks Derek)

Bat shaped? The body looks more like a wickle butterfly to me. Ok maybe a moth if you want to be a bit dark...
Now I have to see a video of Michael Angelo (aka Michael Batio) playing this guitar...
Kind of looks like Wile E Coyote's head to me. At least the shape, not necessarily the pentagram.
10K? hmm that'll leave me just enough cash for some white face paint. Crade of Filth watch out, here I come :)
Baphomet didn't come from the Da Vinci code at all... the connection is that the Da Vinci Code has something to do with Knights Templar and so too does the Baphomet.

Check Wikipedia for more evil info:
...or check in with my good friends at:

you guys, come on... bat shaped? BUTTERFLY? do you know what the baphomet is? that oh-so-famous goat described at first by the tortured templars in the inquisition? i have it on my wall. go satan.
Baphomet is the Idol that the Knights Templar confessed to performing initiations and rituals in front of...NOT a butterfly...NOT a moth, is it a demonic being with the head of a GOAT...NOT A MOTH!
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