A world of bizarro Italian guitars

Kaden writes: "Man, have you seem this freakin' site: www.fetishguitars.com? It's Bizarro-World guitar porn. I offer as an example the Bartolini Gemelli: 4 pickups. roller wheel volume & tone controls. Rocker switch pickup selectors. I'll repeat that...Rocker switch pickup selectors.
On the upper bout.
I'm pretty sure Judy played one just like it in an episode of the Jetsons. Or maybe it was Elroy. Anyway, the whole damned site is a minefield of surrealist guitar density...it's kinda overwhelming.

Great site. There is another site with lots of great weird and wonderful guitars called www.myrareguitars.com. They sell new recreations of some of the old guitars, but if you look in their section on 60's and 70's guitars you'll get an eyefull.
I used to have a guitar w/ rocker switches. Not sure if it was Italian or not... it had a spiffy striped aluminum pickguard and a massively oversized strat-like headstock. I miss that guitar...
that fretboard looks like it's entirely made of pearl... sweet!
Phillip, sounds like is was a Teisco

if that melts your wax, check out these crazy soviet guitars
Strange guitars , but soviet guitars very well , i think
Great vintage site, some of the photos bring back memories. lI lusted after and later owned a Welson Super Jazz, if only it had played half as good as it looked... Damn impressive while sitting on the stand in front of my Vox amps, though.
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