A weekend's worth of videos of synths

Here are a small handful of synth-related videos. If you have more links, post them in the comments and I'll do a round-up in a few days.
Pink Floyd's Synthi AKS Dave Gilmour (now looking like a senior banker relaxing at his weekend house, but in the archive clips looking like the cool one from Radiohead) noodling on the sequencer of a Synthi AKS, demonstrating how 'On The Run' from Dark Side of the Moon came together.
Pete Townsend's ARP2500 Here's a young (and old) Pete Townsend from The Who playing an Arp 2500 and 2600 and a Hammond Organ and recreating 'Won't Get Fooled Again'.[WMV]
Vangelis' CS80: Here's a very short but wonderful clip [MPG] of Vangelis noodling on the CS80 and tinkling on what is probably his Yamaha GS1 (a primitive FM piano). It's pleasingly 'Blade Runner' all round.
Benny from ABBA's GX1 Mikey covered Roth Händle Studios a while back. It's a Swedish studio which looks after Benny Andersson's mind-bogglingly awesome Yamaha GX-1. Here [MPG] are a bunch of clips of them messing about with it.
Axiom's DSI Evolver 'Axiom' from the Electro Music forum bought a DSI Evolver. This [DivX] is him playing it for the first time, just flicking through the presets. For a very different take, here's Dave Smith himself playing.
Different Skies If you're after a some really grotty, mucky synth porn, then this [QT] is a 25 minute tour of the ultrageeks' gear at this year's Different Skies space music festival in Arizona.
(Thanks to Matrix Synth for many of these clips)

Vangelis noodles with the ring mod almost the same way I do on the CS-50...just push all the levers up and down and not worry too much about what's actually going on. ZOINK!
Simply... Having... A wonderful Christmas time.
Does anyone know of any similar video of Klaus Schulze from the 70's days? Would be fun.
Does anyone know what videos the Pink Floyd and Who clips are from and if they're available to buy?
Yes, they're from the 'Classic Albums' series:
Dark side of the moon and Whos Next. Check out the amazon review with people saying "These guys [i.e. the band] don't know what they're talking about"...
Nice find !

Isn't the big, grey keyboard in the Vangelos clip an Emulator 1 or 2 ? It seems he plays a big orchestra style hit on it. But you gotta love that CS-80. And the Townsend clip answered a lot of questions for me. Now, to dig out my B4 and Arp and have a play ;o)
Vangelos ?? I meant his younger brother, Vangelis !! LOL ;o)
Yammie GX1 on ebay:
Also, the original footage of Waters fooling around with the Synthi can be found on the Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii video. There's some period behind-the-scenes footage of "Dark Side Of The Moon" being recorded, alongside live performances of the Floyd's "Ummagumma" and "Atom Heart Mother" era material.
Here are some more videos: http://www.cluboftheknobs.com/guest.html

The Different Skies video shows a Sound Lab Mini Synth!
The Sound Labs mini was only one of the many bizarre treats at Different Skies this year. The gear list was pretty sick, but what do you expect when you have 18 synthesists on stage at once?
More importantly, the music is fantastic. You can find links to CDs by the artists and a DVD of live unedited music from Different Skies 2004 with computer video at the Different Skies website.
We appreciate our audience's attention!
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