Synthosium: Great new synth blog

Luca from Naples has only been running for a couple of weeks, but already has some great posts - he's found Snoop's Minimoog on eBay, and a crazy German calculator-style sequencer. (via the original great synth blog Matrix Synth)

For more details on this german monophonic sequencer with 500 steps, CV out, and tape sync can be found on my webpage here:

keep on turing these knobs

Hey, your blog is way better... that is all I gots to say....
Snoops midimoog: 5000$ buy now price.
I suppose thats fo' all tha weed still in tha cavitys and unda da 'nobs fo' shizzle!
if this really is snoop's minimoog - why is he selling? surely 5000 dollars is peanuts to him?

aye dunt fokin geddit.
This looks suspiciously like the more common "Bill Leeb's Arp 2600!" scam. I certainly feel sorry for the high bidder.
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