The mysterious Sputnik One synth

Amazing what you find on Amazon. This is the Sputnik One synth, about which I can find very little. The Amazon page (which says it's not available, BTW) says it's two oscillators in a nice oak box. "This device is perfect for the video game sound or achieving the electronic sound of the 40's and 50's." It seems to have been produced by a Chicago circuit bender/composer called either Edward B Newman or electricfriends or possibly Bradley Parker Sparrow. About a year ago, he spammed a load of forums to announce the synth, but now his website: is dead. Get in touch if you are him, or you know anything about the Sputnik...

I used to always see them on eeB.

Okay, side note, but why do ebay circuit benders always have to be narcissistic by user their name in the auction? Like anyone knows who the hell they are? Anyway, I'm ranting.
This is the kit my Copper Box synth is built on. Awesome sounds.
uh, sorry, this guy makes crap and knows it. I bought a similar thing off him on ebay and it is junk, took almost 3 months to get- and was nothing like waht he advertised, and he even apologized for how crappy it was but he was unemployed so he couldn't refund my money but only offer a credit on a future synth. The stupid box has 4 caps and 2 IC's in it.
Maybe we'd be better off with a synth designed by Alfred E. Newman instead.
Alfred E. Numan - Me I Disconnect from Ewe. (sorry)
"why do ebay circuit benders always have to be narcissistic by user their name in the auction?"

Yeah, I don't know where they get that idea from:

Dave Smith Instruments
Moog Music
Fender Guitars
About a year ago i ordered one of these from this guy, sent money but never recived anything.
I want to slap him just for his infuriatingly ignorant misuse of 'Russian' characters to spell 'Sputnik one'. See also anyone who tries to add a Russian feeling by writing capital Rs backwards... grrrrrrr.
Amen to annoyance at the misuse of cyrillic. If you grant him the letters he used that don't even exist in that alpabet, the name is something like Srtstpik Fpz.
The stupid box has 4 caps and 2 IC's in it.

well, tell us which ones, and post a pic, so we can all build our own and not buy from him!

- housepig
I'd be glad to snap a picture of the little board and document it if anyone's interested. I bought it in kit form and did my own thing. Truly, it does make some wonderful sounds, especially with the way I control it.

And man... ease up on cryllic-like fonts. I obviously love 'em. ;)
Post up the pictures, id love to give a try at building one of these if it's that simple.
got one from the guy just before he was kicked off ebay. must have got one of the last ones. basically looked like the picture on this page except box was a cheap cedar housing. great device though for such cheap craftmanship.
I own one of these as well. Only two of the four dials do anything. It took me forever to get, and he wouldn't contact me in the interim. The dude's a piece of shit.
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