Mr Waldorf and his modular Moog

Here's Mr Waldorf with a generous collection of Moog modular gear crafted in paper by Till Kopper. He's made a regular version [PDF] and a Klaus Shulze custom version [PDF] for your enjoyment. I wonder if he's seen the Japanese Papercraft version?

P-versions thats great. A while ago i glued together the C-version for my daughters dolls:
funny pics :)
The Moog is incorrect.
The bottom panel section from the sequencer section was used for all cabinets. Instead, there should be CP-3 mixers there.
If this was a real Moog, it would be very hard to use, but you'd have lots of sequential switches anyways.
god you're annoying
If this was a real Moog, it would be a f_in miracle, what with being 2 inches high and made out of cardboard...
Incorrect? Looks dead on to me...
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