Klaus Schulze: "I have nothing to do with Yoga"

Thanks to Jonathan for sending this awful but funny interview with synthporn legend Klaus Schulze (the founder member of Tangerine Dream who has a hell of a lot of big synthesizers and once recorded a musical biography of King Ludwig II of Bavaria). A Romanian interviewer asks him questions like: "Do you visualize a dichotomy?", and he delivers answers like "Who the fuck is Cziffra?". Which would make a good T-shirt.

Shulze often comes across as a bit arrogant in interviews, but it's hard to blame him with these kind of stupid questions.
Klaus Schulze and Robert Fripp both deliver pointed and awesome interviews, taking the usually retarded journalist to task for being exactly that.
awesome... heres my favorite quote:

By the way, various journalists commenting your musical work describe it either as impressionist, some others as minimalist, while others even imagine pop-art elements. And the list may continue. Have you ever programmatically approached a certain formalized or known artistic current?

..."programmatically approached a certain formalized or known artistic current"… I don't even want to know what this is.
Klaus can certainly not be accused of selling out. The only trouble is, as he explains in the interview about the few fans he has, he doesn't sell hardly at all. A bit of commercial sense would probably do his music some good.
The interview reminds me a bit of the gobbledook on the inside cover of his Mirage LP. Great stuff.
Wow, how pretentious. The interviewer seems like a lunatic. The questions sound like somthing Charles Manson would be saying, very convoluted.
Klaus Schulze seems like a royal jerk, i.e., when he refers to his "very special music..."

What a waste of time and print. The questions are wasted and the answers are empty.
Maybe, he (Klaus) was angry at the interviewer and came off like a jerk, which I can see happening very easily.

I think that he should have kept in mind who would be reading this, his fans, and as such should have just given answers that could have meant something to his fans, regardless of the questions.
Klaus hasn't been the same since he got out of the drunk tank in the late 80s. That and since his lame use of sampling ruined his music.
Klaus just got a lot higher on my "guys-I-respect" list! He says exactely what he thinks and, to me, this is a lot more informative than all those sellouts giving the same stupid answers to the same stupid questions they get asked in every interview for the sake of sales figures. This atleast show what he thinks of those idiotic questions and of that really dumb journalist. It shows a lot more about his personality than him repeating what his PR-manager told him to say.
"He says exactely what he thinks and,"

Although he doesn't think much...

I guess he's "englightened" so to speak (zen in a sense), but having a handle on philosophy and your cultural standpoint does not constitute "sell-out"ness.
ha! i would totally wear a "who the fuck is cziffra?" t-shirt!
I liked the joke. It's the first time a german person makes me laugh in a long time.
how the hell does he make money for all that crazy great gear? ...i think ive seen him on my corner slangin crack....
TD has been around in some form or another since the late 60s... dude has been doing performances with giant modulars for long time

man id hate to have to carry that shit around
BTW - this website offers all kinds of clothing where you can customize what it says..


... because i just cant let the dream of a "Who the fuck is Cziffra?" shirt die
boy, that yogurt joke was too funny....
J.J. Cale, excellent choice Herr Shulze
If I was interviewed with the same incomprehensibley dumb questions I'd probably have given the same answers!
Good on Klaus who has always pursued his music in a singleminded fashion. In otherwords, don't try to make more of it than there is and if you have a problem with the music, go listen to something else!
The media has the infruriating habbit of comparison and pigeonholing and totally missing the point of "why" most muscians actually do what they do. They also miss the point hat most musicians who are involved in muisc 24/7 don't actually listen to everyone elses music!
founding member of TD? no...he joined two years later in 1969
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