Gearlust of the Muppets

This Flickr set from tpaddock reveals the excellent taste of the Muppet band: They use a Roland Space Echo and a Arp Odyssey. (Thanks Dr Ben)

The Muppets rock. Straight up. Now if only there was an auction for one of Animal's old drumsets.....
Watching an old episode of the Muppets about two weeks ago, I positively saw a minimoog on stage with the band. I stopped the show, rewound to the scene, and made everyone in the room look, much to their irritation. :)
I concurr, and have to add that Animal kicks Neil Peart's ass.
My buddy just downloaded all the muppet shows the other day, and I too saw the minimoog make an appearence in a few musical numbers. There's also some pretty rad guest stars like Dizzy Gillespie and Buddy Rich. (I'm pretty sure the Dizzy Gillespie one has a suitcase rhodes in it!)
i always thought the muppets were dual purpose... made for little kids AND tripped out hippies

BTW - Anyone ever seen "Meet The Feebles"? now thems some nasty muppets
Yeah the Muppets wouldn't have been shit without some nice (lo-impact) drugs for the puppeteers and scriptwriters. God bless all of them.
"Meet the feebles" was made by the same guy who directed Lord of the Rings. I shit you not. It's definately a cult classic, but not for the faint of heart....not as much gear porn though!
yeh i know - if you watched one of the oscar shows where Jackson won for "best film" or something, he said

"we've come a long way from Meet the Feebles.."

and some dude in the audience yelled out "FEEEEBLES!!!"

rest of the audience was clueless tho
dead alive was also badass. steve raimi (spiderman) also did evil dead(s). kind of stupid, but i feel really justified for liking those movies back then.
you mean Sam Raimi

yeh he is a total bad ass - i even liked "Hercules" series
Feebles was always at the top of my recommendations list when I worked at the media library at my old school. I loved to see the look on people's face when they brought it back (especially the younger advanced highschool students that were going to college). a close second was the G.G. Alin doc. man was he fucked up.
The Muppets also used tons of ukuleles and ukulele banjos. I always annoy everyone with uke-spotting
Addendum: In the Muppet Movie, you can also spot an old rhythm box ala TR-77 during one of the Dr Teeth & The Electric Mayhem songs.
Animal was driving down the highway one day in England and the ghost of Keith Moon just jumped into his soul

We used the Muppet Casio sampling EP-30 on our experimental electronic version of "Jingle Bells", in fact we only used old school Casios for instruments on our entire CD.

Check us out if you have the time.
The Muppets Are Gods on our planet

We used the Casio EP-30 Sampling keyboard on our version on "Jingle Bells" in fact we only used old school Casio instruments on our entire CD.

We hope that you'll check us out during the Holiday Season


( ( ( kasio kristmas ) ) )
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