Extreme psychedelic head-messing for a Friday afternoon

I'm not even going to try to illustrate this story. Assuming you have no problem with rapidly strobing bizarre images, click on this link. (You may need to agree to let the flash movie contact some other websites). Then you'll see a One Word Movie, a rapidly strobing, gradually evolving movie of images that have appeared on MT, and some other random things. It gets quite strange quite quickly, when you have some worms strobing against a collage of Giorgio Moroder album sleeves and that guy with a two string bass. I found myself becoming completely transfixed by it, and had to close it down and write this to focus. (thanks, Get Lofi) If you need to calm down afterwards, here is the Flickr Synthesizers group slideshow, which is almost as hypnotic but much calmer and dangerously gear-lust inducing.

There should be a nintendo like disclaimer on this thingie.

Your greatness and luminosity astound us all.

Long live Music Thing.
said captain kirk.

hehehe. that is pretty cool.
perhaps you could do a little 'generation game' style quiz thing where you could pause it after 1 minute or something and then try and see how many things you could name...

the most pointles waste of time ever.....
keep it up.
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