eBay of the Day: Dubreq Pianomate

eBay item #7365351473 is a Dubreq Pianomate. It's an old analog polyphonic synth (using the 'divide down' method found in cheap organs, not the 'loads of oscillators' method used in CS80s and Jupiter 8s). It has no keyboard, but comes with two sensor strips, which attach to a piano keyboard like a Moog Pianobar. It's made by Dubreq, which - in a parallel world of Seventies euro-kitsch - was a more influential company than Moog. They were responsible not just for the Stylophone, which must be one of the biggest selling electronic instruments of all time (3 million sold), but also for the original 70s run of Top Trumps. This one comes with a beautifully written description and a 'buy it now' price of £100.

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