eBay of the day: Coolest thing in the world, ever!

So, it's not exactly clear what a 'Cyborg Biolab Biofeedback Rack' (eBay item #7563183120) is, but it certainly looks the part. "This unit is a full-on audio biofeedback instrument. you could 'play' it with your biorhythms. You could use it as an 'audio lie detector'. You could let it hang out and be cool and beep and stuff" It also has 'Cyborg Corporation' written on it. No bids yet for the $20 starting price. (Thanks Russ)

What a great mod project this would be! Hope it ends up in good hands...
this will get above 1k$ easy
There's nothing that looks more proffesional than having handles at the sides of rack units.
Mmmm... Got to love those RME interfaces with tiny little 1U rack handles that you can barely fit your finger through.
Just a bit of searching reveals these:


http://members.tripod.com/~The_Last_UFO/nor_index.html (now as to what all that is, I have no idea)

http://www.the-aps.org/publications/tphys/legacy/1982/issue5/431.pdf is interesting in that page 2 of this PDF is a full-page ad for BioLab's Apple-based system.
I used to own one of these. I couldn't get it to produce any frequency that my human ears could pick up, so I attached some leads to my dog, and tossed him into the bathtub. Couldn't get any output, but the dog, made a hell of a racket.
Very very cool !! :)
Andante says this has the appearance of something the Neil Armstrong should have left behind on the moon.
It is an impressive beast indeed. You can get a little better look at the device on my Tripod space:

Larger Photofiles On Tripod Site
More bigger photos on more tripod.
New Pictures #1
New Pictures #2
Does anyone know if the company made any other "synths" ???
i see nothing on google under
'Cyborg Corporation' +synth

if your into this stuff check
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