Clangy spring reverb abuse on Freesound

I just bought a very cheap, old, dutch-made D&R stereo spring reverb from the 'bay. It's a bit noisy, but sounds cool. This evening I took the top off, started twanging the springs and made this small, clangy sample pack for the Freesound Project, who are now getting close to 10,000 sounds and 1 million downloads.

Pyoooooooing! Dubtastic! :-D
That last one sounds just like the beginning of "In The Time of Our Lives" by Iron Butterfly (from the Ball LP)

I never though about what made that sound at the beginning of the track, but I sure know now!
Is it possible to see more snaps from your D&R spring reverb ??
Well, Fred, there are a few more pics in this slightly embarrasing post at Sound on Sound.
ooooh, neato :)

I REALLY need to get that "images with samples" feature finished!! :-S

- bram
Makes me wanna order those tank kits from Paia while I wait for the tube amp kit.
Perhaps the reverbs would be smoother if you passed them through a convolution reverb :? :) hehe

Everything always sounds better with a convolution reverb.
Try spring reverb in a feedback loop (use mixer aux send back into a channel with EQ then send it back on itself..) -- when its howling start using your fingers to deaden the springs -> you can then kind of move your fingers to different harmonics points and it sounds damn fine and is mighty fun to play with.
Can of compressed air + Spring reverb = FUN!!

has the schematics
Spring reverbs are the best! That timeless old-school-vibe!
any chance a guy could get a 20-20k log sweep through that sucker added to your freesound page?
Sorry, Mr, I sold it to Steve Dub some time ago...
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