A cheapo alternative to the Lemur controller

It's hard not to lust after the fantastically cool and clever Jazzmutant Lemur synth controller. But if you don't have €2190 and an enthusiasm for Max/MSP, Danish developers Livelab's Tablet 2 Midi software could be the next best thing. It's currently beta, but shouldn't cost more than €50. You can pick up a basic tablet PC for £200-£250 on eBay (the Fujitsu Stylistic range is the absolute bottom of the range), and a cheap usb/midi cable. Of course, it will only be mono-touch (the Lemur can take simultaneous movements from ten (or more) fingers. And the Lemur software is the best looking music software I've ever seen. This isn't. And you'll look pretty dorky with a cruddo HP tablet PC. But it's cheap, and until Behringer announce the £150 LM-2000 Multitouch Instrument at NAMM 2006, it's all we've got. (via Matrix Synth)

Most (if not all) tablet PCs are not touch-screens - they use electromagnetic digitizers (like a Wacom tablet), so you'd have to use the pen instead of your finger which isn't nearly as much fun. NEC make LCD monitors with touchscreens though. Don't know if they support multiple touches.
I know for a fact that conventional touch screens support one (maybe) two fingers. The Lemur is the only device with the technology to support 10 fingers. Having used a Lemur, the touch sensitive surface feels unique and expensive. Using a pen to "notate” changes of a synth? Ha, very lame.
"Using a pen to "notate” changes of a synth? Ha, very lame."

I mean, didn't the fairlight do exactly that? Im no synth expert but i certainly do recall a lightpen. And that thing rules.
goddamnit i want one of those lemur things so badly im willing to trade my testicles for it
yeah, you say that now...
I think you may have missed the point of this application. This doesn't turn a tablet pc into a midi controller, but a drawing tablet (like a Wacom.)
Okay, let's sort this out:

1. There are plenty of TOUCH screens on the market, not just tablet PCs. Meaning you have an option of touch screen + laptop -- and you don't have to use this software. And they're both cheap and cool as an alternative to a mouse (but probably a supplement to keyboards, etc.)

2. You can convert tablet input to MIDI, etc. I think even FL Studio supports this (could be wrong on that; that may be limited to game controlelrs) . . . and definitely Max/MSP allows this (via hi, or custom drivers).

Meaning, in other words, NO particular need for this software. And if you do happen to have a tablet PC, you can use that with Reason.

This really has little to do with Lemur. More interesting to me, though, if you have a tablet -- WHY are you using a virtual mixer? With a Lemur, at least, there's some artificial physics, etc. (though even there I wonder about the mixer application). Best way to control a mixer is with physical faders. If you're using a tablet, you should take advantage of the interface and try something different. (Back to Max/MSP again, or I know Exile is using touchscreen + Reaktor.)

Exile is using a touchscreen? that's new. Last I saw (a month or so ago) he used a Regelwerk, a laptop, a KaossPad and a regular midi keyboard...

Now, this is just a software midi mixer... that's very unhip, and has nothing in there that can't be done with reaktor, max/msp, PD etc. etc. I think they just saw the Lemur and thought "hey, we could do that!".

It doesn't even seem to have any cool digitizer features, like pressure or tilt - for very good use of those check out the Symbolic sound Kyma website... eep. That's some cool shite.
A cool DIY project would be to use a kinotex input combined with a cheapo tablet - that would give both display *and* multi-touch input. Use Macromedia Flash to cook up a nice interface and there you go.
You can buy strap on touch screens for monitors of any size (including laptops) for less than $200. They usually only support single touch operation. Regardless, your operating system only supports 1 to 2(in the case of windows with hack softwar) touches.

For links, check the Max/MSP or CEC (Canadian Electroacoustics Conference) list archives.

I don't really see the need of this software. Maybe so you can design a new interface front end for your software?

Actually, this might be really really useful for turning hardware synths into softsynths... must investigate. Could be what i've been looking for for the Nord Modular.
There's also this multi-touch pad: http://tactiva.com/tactapad.html
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