Behold the mighty Metasonix S-1000 Tube Synth

Wow! This is the new Metasonix S-1000 tube mono synth. Available next year for around $2,500, it has two oscillators, is semi-modular and has many cool features. I particularly like the sound of...
- "6AL7 "eye" tube displays status of LFOs and A(S)R control voltages on three separate glowing green bar graphs.
- "Miniature joystick performs multiple jobs: vertical motion affects pitch of both VCOs, horizontal motion affects tuning of filter. Press joystick in to trigger envelopes.
(Thanks Michael)
UPDATE: Here is a huge (3mb) image of this thing for enhanced drooling, courtesy of the ever helpful Analogue Haven.

i really wish i was rich... rack up a couple of these next to my Kyma system running in tandem with a G5 running MAX with a Lemur interface, on the shelf right next to my Buchla 200e
I'm glad they did NOT decide to call this one the "fart juice" or "anal tongue dart" or whatever. Looks great!
Right on, Ortho. Maybe Eric Barbour is trying to get a date with EveAnna Manley. ;)
Pop that right in next to my full Synclav system with 128meg of ram, my Serge/Macbeth hybrid and cold fusion reactor to run it all!
"128 meg of ram"
I want a 16K ram pack on mine...
OOOh. I'm getting one for sure.

It'll fit nice next to my Kyma, Continuum Fingerboard, quadcore mac (on order), blah blah blah. Not sold on the Lemur yet. I gotta try one first. Happy they have MIDI now.

Awakened Yeti. You don't need to be rich. If you're ever in Ontario Canada, drop by and we'll get drunk and jam.

My studio pics:
(The rest of us were joking...)
Uh, Ortho, look closer; it's called the "S-1000 Wretch Machine" which isn't much better...
yeah i'm totally cool with wretching actually, it's the butt thing that cracks me up.
At least it's not as obvious as the other two rude Metasonix boxen. What I really want, of course, are some sound samples. When can we hear this thing?
umm, stupid question, but.....

are you supposed to touch the tubes?

why are they where they are?
Trent Reznor can start on his next album now, it would seem his dream synth finally exists.
probably best not touch the tubes, they get a little warm. Looks nice though.

You could perhaps hold a strong magnet near that beam splitter tube on the right for some interesting results.
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