All your guitars are belong to us

Just for today, this is the greatest thing ever: A single page with every guitar for sale on Amazon, cheapest on the left, most expensive on the right. Creator Jim Bumgardner (Man, that's an unfortunate name) explains how it works. (Thanks, Mikey)

after the full 5 minutes of laughing at the guy's name, i think i have to agree that the page is genius.

the almost perfect browsing experience.
You brits seem to get a kick out of the word Bum, eh? :)

Glad you're liking the page!

- jbum
Can't wait for all synths & drummachines to appear like this !
i'm so sorry to be laughing at your name, man. it's not so much the 'bum' bit, which isn't funny on it's own, it 's in conjunction with the word 'gardner' which is just hilarious!

a bum-gardener. imagine that!
it's still a fantastic thing though - your guitarpop. well done.

must go, got some gardening to do :-)
I find it offensive that you would make fun of a person's name.
lol nice one John! ;)

Strictly speaking, the correct usage of the title would be: "All your guitar are belong to us" - I'm a stickler for detail :D
All your bass are belong to us!! Maybe basses could be the next project.

Wow, that is a nice piece of useful UI there!

I added some new coverpops today for other musicians:

Violins, Violas, Cellos, Basses

Winds and Brass

Keyboards, Synths, Sound Modules, Drum Machines


- jbum
And now, all your bass are belong to us too!
Great job on the coverpop, the correct title should be " All my guitars is belong to mes".
I too do not think you should poke fun at a persons name.When I lived in Canada I had a friend called Happy Pool. best regards
Connie Lingus
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